Please search through the most frequently asked questions about hosting, if you do not find your answer here, feel free to contact support.

Can I host more than one domain on my hosting account?

Yes, if your hosting package comes with multiple domains hosting option, you can add more domains within a single hosting account but there is a restriction to the number of files/inodes that each account can store which is restricted to 100,000 files per hosting account. Also, there is a fixed number of resources allotted to each hosting account, though you can host multiple websites on single account, if you host high traffic websites on a single account, you might see a slow down in website loading speed. Just to make it easy to understand, hosting 10 websites for 10 different companies that are 5-10 page websites, it would be OK and might not slow down your hosting account, but hosting websites with user interaction such as social network websites and having 10s of such sites on one single hosting account may lead to speed issues for all sites on that account if resources are being over used.

Do you offer free website transfer from another hosting?

We do offer free transfers of hosting accounts that are based on cPanel. Most popular hosting companies use cPanel for hosting. If you are not sure, please create an account / login to your account and create a support ticket to confirm. We also offer free transfers from non-cPanel based hosts but this is not guaranteed. Please contact us with the website that you want to transfer and we will review if the free hosting transfer option is available or not.